Summer is officially here! Everywhere I’ve traveled to in the last couple of weeks has shown signs of new life — tender new leaves budding from trees, lilacs bursting into bloom. It’s truly a perfect time of year to shed away the unwanted and unneeded and emerge from the doldrums of winter. I’ve got some ideas for you this week on stripping away those old layers to emerge refreshed and renewed.

Try Something New!
Coming out of winter, it’s pretty normal to feel like you need a change. You’ve been stuck indoors for the last three, four, or if you’re far north, even five months. They don’t call it spring fever for nothing! That urgency to get out and do something different and exciting seems to be a universal experience. Even house pets and wildlife seem to feel that energy in the air — the need to break free from the confines of winter.

Put this energy to good use and try something completely new and exciting. I’m not suggesting you jump out of a plane or spend your 401K on a timeshare in Maui, but do something to recharge your batteries and renew your enthusiasm for life! Here are a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you to get out there and enrich your day-to-day life.

  1. Change up your look. If you have had the same haircut for a while, consider a new style. Buy a few new key pieces of clothing or great accessories that will feed your desire for something new and different.

  3. Explore new places. Chances are there are dozens of places you’ve never been, right there in your own neighborhood. Make an effort to get out and explore some of these different venues. Eat at that little dive you’ve always wondered about. Wander through the gallery that always has interesting pieces in their windows. Take a weekend drive to new destination instead of returning to an old standby.

  5. Try something daring. A woman at a workshop recently was telling me that she didn’t have the courage to apply for her current job until she went on a team building field trip with her old company. It was a whitewater rafting experience. She doesn’t enjoy being in the water and was terrified of going. Her sister convinced her to go and by the end she felt exhilarated. In fact, being swept down a raging river gave her the confidence to apply for — and get — her current, high-paying position. I’m not suggesting you do something you’re not comfortable with, but definitely push your boundaries a little. You’ll be amazed by how much stronger you feel on the other side of it!

  7. Eat seasonally. Strange as it may sound, eating with the seasons is actually recommended to maintain optimal health. Hit those farmer’s markets and fruit stands to incorporate lots of fresh, seasonal produce into your diet and you’ll feel more energetic and revitalized!

  9. Get plenty of sleep. With the increasing daylight, it’s tempting to stay up later, but don’t let the added light fool you — your body still wants and needs at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night to allow you to feel and function at your optimal levels.




Devin C. Hughes is a speaker, writer & storyteller from Washington D.C. who now lives in Southern CA. He is the author of five books. He is currently traveling the world with a mission to help people change their lifestyle for good.  Connect with him via Facebook: and follow him on Twitter @devinchughes.